Taylor Dayne Net Worth

Taylor Dayne Net Worth

Net Worth: $2 million

About Taylor Dayne

Taylor Dayne net worth: Leslie Wunderman, born in 1962, Baldwin, New York, United States of America, is a famous musician and songwriter. To many she is better recognized as Taylor Dayne, which is her stage name. Besides being a widely recognized singer and lyrics writer, she is also a renowned actress. During 1987 she managed to climb as high as 7th place in the Billboard Hot 100 with her superb single called “Tell It to My Heart”. This amazing success helped jump start Taylor Dayne net worth as well. An incredible career followed with a row of successful singles throughout the end of the 9th decade as well as early 90s. The peak of her career was reached when Billboard hits was topped by her single “Love Will Lead You Back” by climbing to the first place in such a short period of time. During her impressive career Taylor Dayne managed to release almost two dozen singles that became absolute hits with an incredible score of all of them having climbed over the top 10 barrier in Billboard. Even such recent singles as “Floor on Fire” in 2011 and “Beautiful” in 2008 have done impressively great in the States and in Europe. Taylor Dayne net worth is amounting to around 2 million USD.

taylor dayne net worth

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