Kevin Cronin net worth

Kevin Cronin net worth

Net Worth: $25 million

About Kevin Cronin

Kevin Cronin net worth: Kevin Patrick Cronin, born in 1951, Evanston, Illinois, United States of America, is a well-known musician and performer. To most he is best known as the lead vocalist of a rock group that was very popular at the time called REO Speedwagon. Having multiple talents, he is able not only to sing, but also to play rhythm guitar and sometimes even piano. The group at the peak of its popularity did make it to the top of Billboard Hot 100 with several of singles of theirs during the 80s. Kevin Cronin has also written lyrics for several of the highest hits of the REO, namely the single “Keep on Loving You” and another spectacular single “Can’t Fight This Feeling”. These songs had multiple covers made by several performers later on. Kevin Cronin net worth started to increase together with the increasing popularity of the band in general as well as his own personal visibility throughout his career.

Later on the band decided to go for a new vocalist, and the same decision was made before recording each of the three group’s records. In the beginning the vocalist was Terry Luttrell, however, he decided to retire as soon as the first record of the band was released. Then he was substituted by Bevin Cronin. Kevin Cronin net worth is estimated to be at around 25 million USD.

kevin cronin net worth

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