Diahann Carroll Net Worth

Diahann Carroll Net Worth

Net Worth: $28 million

About Diahann Carroll

Diahann Carroll net worth: Diahann Carroll, born in 1935, Bronx, New York, United States of America, is a well-known actress and a great singer. Diahann Carroll during her impressive career has featured in a number of movies, TV shows, even some Broadway plays. She had an incredibly long run, during her life she spent over 50 years on various stages and became a real professional. One of the peaking moments in her career was the TV project “Julia” that was aired in the 60s. It came into the TV show history as the first show that had African-American woman to play the main role. Another groundbreaking role of hers was in another TV show called the “Dynasty”. During her career the appreciation of her work came in on numerous occasions and various forms. An amazing amount of awards that Diahann Carroll received range from minor ones to even being nominated for an Oscar.

Even the contemporary TV shows hire her to increase their ratings. Starring in a popular TV show that has been on TV for an amazing amount of time she features in Grey’s Anatomy playing the role Jane Burke. Diahann Carroll net worth is known to be amounting to 28 million USD.

diahann carroll net worth

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