Bo Bice Net Worth

Bo Bice Net Worth

Net Worth: $5 million

About Bo Bice

Bo Bice net worth: Bo Bice, born in 1975, Huntsville, Alabama, USA, is a celebrity singer and a famous musician. He is mostly known from a famous American TV show, the American Idol, where he was the runner up during the finals of the fourth season. 37 year-old was beaten in the finals and lost to the newly rising star of Carrie Underwood.
As a child he loved playing football and the talent for music started to mature as well. “Spinning Jenny” was the first band that Bo Bice created. In 1993 he quit school and moved to Alabama and entered the Calhoun Community College. Bo is married to Caroline Fischer. The wedding took place in 2005, Alabama, USA. The couple has three children, all boys. The beginning of Bo Bice’s singing career was by arranging shows in the UK, Ireland and the United States of America, some European countries. Afterwards, he proceeded with his professional career by releasing several albums the two first of which did really well, selling many copies around the globe. One of his other passions is social work, which fulfills his life and complements his musical career. Bo Bice net worth is currently said to have amounted to around 1.5 million.

bo bice net worth

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