Kanye West net worth

Kanye West net worth

Net Worth: $10 million

About Kanye West

Kanye West net worth: Kanye Omari West, born in 1977, Atlanta, Georgia, United States of America, is a world-known celebrity and rapper. Besides being an amazing rap talent, he is also a singer and does record producing work too. Kanye West started with hip-hop beat-making and became globally recognized star in his relatively short and amazing career. Together with another rap start Jay-Z he was working on label contract which has lead him to solo career that proved to be recognized and appreciated world-wide.

Always remaining attractive for his openness and critical thought, Kanye West remains among the most popular rappers and performers. He is also known for his eccentric behavior, such as the most expensive food delivery that was flown in to the States from a local restaurant in the UK. He has recently married another famous TV celebrity and business person Kim Kardashian, the couple recently had a baby. Kanye West net worth is being boosted by his record label, the “GOOD Music”, which caters for such amazing stars and also colleagues of West as widely recognized John Legend or Kid Cudi. Amazing income from his records and performances each year amounts to over 10 million USD. Kanye West net worth has been currently estimated to have peaked at $100 Million

kanye west net worth

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