Nigella Lawson Net Worth

Nigella Lawson Net Worth

Net Worth: $7 million

About Nigella Lawson

Nigella Lawson net worth: Nigella Lucy Lawson, born in 1960, London, England, United Kingdom, is a well-known broadcaster and journalist, also a widely recognized TV star. One of her passions is food, which she loves tasting and calls herself a gourmand. She also pursues her career in publishing articles on foods. One of the former Chancellors of the British Exchequer is her father, which has vastly helped her building her own reputation and credibility while reaching for the top her career.

Her impressive accomplishments while studying helped her with the career as well, since she graduated from prestigious Oxford University Lady Margaret Hall. Nigella Lawson began her career as a book reviewer and a critic. Soon after she climbed up the ladder of success and became The Sunday Times editor. Her career lead amazing path of journalism and critique, finally making it to the TV screens. Nigella Bites was her awn show on Channel 4. Soon after the show a cooking book was published, helping Nigella Lawson net worth grow in substantial amounts. Living Kitchen, another TV project of hers, alone reached the value of incredible £7 million, accompanied by sky-rocketing sales of her cooking books, amounting to 3 million copies around the world. Nigella Lawson Net Worth currently amounts to 15 million USD.

nigella lawson net worth

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