Rosie Perez net worth

Rosie Perez net worth

Net Worth: $8 million

About Rosie Perez

Rosie Perez net worth: Rosie Perez, born in 1964, Bushwick, Brooklyn, New York , United States of America, is a well-known actress and a dancer. An exotic performer of Puerto Rican descend is widely recognized as a community activist as well as a director. The launch of her career as an actress began in 1980s with a feature movie Soul Train where she starred as a dancer. Her talent as a choreographer was acknowledged by such big stars as Bobby Brown, LL Cool J, Diana Ross, and Janet Jackson, who have trusted Rosie to supervise the choreography of their video clips.

Fearless was the turning point in her career as the amazing success that came with the role she played in that movie brought her to the top of acting elite. She even got as far as being nominated for an every actor’s dream – the Oscar for best supporting actress. She has gained acknowledgement in her professional life, and that helps her with what she does for the Puerto Rican community in the States, fighting for their rights.

Rosie Perez had a serious trauma in 2009 during the shooting of Law & Order episode that she was in. The trauma resulted in severe repercussions as she was being shaken during the scene. Later on she sued the TV series for the injury. Rosie Perez net worth has amounted to 8 million USD.

rosie perez net worth

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