Rocco Siffredi net worth

Rocco Siffredi net worth

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About Rocco Siffredi

Rocco Siffredi net worth: Rocco Siffredi, born in 1964, Ortona, Abruzzo, Italy, is a widely known film actor and director in the specific industry of movies for adults. He is also known to be involved in such movie production and has served as a producer as well. The impressive score of being in over 450 movies for adults as of 2011 belongs to this actor.

His beginning of career in this specific area of movie industry was in 1984. The spicy story tells us that at that time he was attending prestigious French sex club, where he made an acquaintance with an actor of this specific sort, Gabriel Pontelo. Later through him Rocco was introduced to Marc Dorcel, who was adult film producer. That was when he was first selected for his debut role in a movie Attention little girls that was released in 1987. Later on he decided to put an end to this line of work. The attempt to quit this industry and to become a model did not work out quite as well as he anticipated, which made him reconsider the choices he has made so far. Soon after his unsuccessful modeling career he returned to adult movies and started developing his own “signature” techniques, gaining world-wide appreciation. Since then Rocco Siffredi net worth started growing rapidly and brought him substantial income.

rocco siffredi net worth

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