Natasha Henstridge Net Worth

Natasha Henstridge Net Worth

Net Worth: $5 million

About Natasha Henstridge

Natasha Henstridge net worth: Natasha Henstridge, born in 1974, Springdale, Canada, she is a Canadian model that has started a career in acting as well. Most of her income was accumulated while working as a model for several magazines, the French Cosmopolitan being one of the most widely known ones. She has also been in several famous commercials, including Olay and Lady Stetson.
One of the genres of movies where she seemed to gain success was romantic comedy, as starring in Dog Park she had an opportunity to have a renowned actress Janeane Garofalo as her colleague. In 2000 she had another role, which was a jump start for her and her income as well in The Whole Nine Yards. During the shooting she got to know such Hollywood stars as Matt Perry and Bruce Willis. Natasha Henstridge net worth started to increase since that point on, as her established relationships with famous people helped her mingle in the movie industry.
Natasha Henstridhe net worth has also been in several television shows, movies, and even video games. Growing up in Alberta, Canada she decided to become a model and move out as a teenager. She was only 14 when she arrived to Paris and made it to the Cosmopolitan in extremely short period of time, one year, aged 15. Natasha Henstridge net worth accumulated to reach the sum of $14.5 million.

natasha henstridge net worth natasha henstridge net worth

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