Michael Rooker Net Worth

Michael Rooker Net Worth

Net Worth: $2 million

About Michael Rooker

Michael Rooker net worth: Michael Rooker, born in 1955, Jasper, Alabama, United States of America, is best known as a famous TV actor. Now he lives with his wife Margot Rooker and his two children. One of the roles that has brought him most recognition is the contemporary fantasy TV series The Walking Dead, where he plays the role of Merle Dixon. This show has gained an incredible appreciation of the TV viewers, being renewed for the fifth season. The TV series are based on the same name comic book series and airs on the AMC channel. Michael Rooker can be also recognized from his parts on the Cliffhanger, where he plays Hal Tucker, and as Rowdy Burns in the Days of Thunder. Another successful character of his was created in the film Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer.

The beginning of his career was in 1986, when his debut role happened to be in a feature movie Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer. The success followed after the movie, which was based on a true story and confessions of a dreadful story of Henry Lee Lucas, a notorious serial killer. However, the biggest boost for his career was the role in popular zombie series The Walking Dead. Michael Rooker net worth as of 2013 is estimated to be around $2 million.

michael rooker net worth

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