Josh Lucas net worth

Josh Lucas net worth

Net Worth: $16 million

About Josh Lucas

Josh Lucas net worth: Joshua Lucas Easy Dent Maurer, born in 1971, Little Rock, Arkansas, United States of America, is mostly known as Josh Lucas, and is famous for his achievements in acting. He is best recognized to everyone from the role he had in a successful feature movie “A Beautiful Mind”.

Josh Lucas is of Polish descend. When he was 19, his actor career began to flourish. His decision to move to Hollywood as soon as he finished school was connected with his wish to act and work in that field only. The beginning was tough as it is for majority of new actors, however, in one years’ time he managed to score some minor roles in various TV shows. Some people that he had an opportunity to work with were as renowned as Steven Spielberg in one of his movies. He also was invited to have a guest role in “Father Hood”, where the famous Hollywood actor and the star of “Dirty dancing”, Patrick Swayze was featuring too.

Josh Lucas net worth has increased considerably when his popularity reached the peak after the roles he played in several successful movies, including Glory Road and Poseidon. Josh Lucas net worth is estimated to have reached approximately $16 million.

josh lucas net worth

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