Dominic Monaghan net worth

Dominic Monaghan net worth

Net Worth: $24 million

About Dominic Monaghan

Dominic Monaghan net worth: Dominic Monaghan, aged 36, born in Berlin, Germany, is a well-known actor. To most people he is best recognized as one of the main characters in a very popular TV series “Lost”. When the boy was quite young (11), his parents decided to move from Germany to the United Kingdom. He learned English really well, and his German language skills declined with time. As a child he was a big fan of Star Wars, which was the main inspiration for him to take up acting. That was why he decided to enter a drama course at the Aquinas College. His consistency has been seen throughout his whole life, college not being an exception. Dominic Monaghan was participating in college plays as well; there he was very successful in Oliver Twist. Later on he decided to enter the Manchester Youth Theatre. One of the biggest peaks of his fame came after he starred in the famous trilogy “Lord of Rings”. After the trilogy, he was offered a role in the series “Lost”, which is a mysterious story on strange things that happen to people on a deserted island after they have survived a plane crash. Dominic Monaghan net worth is reported to stand at $24 million.

dominic monaghan net worth

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