Becky Quick net worth

Becky Quick net worth

Net Worth: $2 million

About Becky Quick

Becky Quick net worth: Rebecca Quick, born in 1972, Indiana, United States of America, is a widely in the States recognized and accomplished co-anchor on a CNBC “Squawk Box” TV show. While her family was moving, she grew up in several states, including Indiana, Texas and Oklahoma. The final stop for the family was New Jersey. Her father, working as a geologist, had to travel a lot while reporting the most popular places for oil production at the time. This gave Becky the impetus to learn more and get interested in news industry. Becky Quick net worth started to grow after she decided to choose this particular career path and started working as newscaster, journalist and co-anchor. She also had her fame boost while replacing CNBC show’s “Fast Money” anchor.

One more of her accomplishments during an impressive professional career was the launching of The Wall Street Journal official website in 1996. The biggest peak in her career, however, was reached after she landed a job at Squawk Box, a morning news show, where he co-anchors with her male colleague. Her successful lines of interviews with rich and powerful guests, that never leave the viewer inattentive, have created her good reputation. Becky Quick net worth currently peaks at $2 million.

becky quick net worth

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