Chris Moyles net worth

Chris Moyles net worth

Net Worth: $8 million

About Chris Moyles

Chris Moyles net worth: Chris Moyles, born in 1974, Temple Newsam, Leeds, England, is a widely recognized radio and TV presenter. Besides being a popular and easily recognized TV personality, he also is known for his incredible skills as an author. The Radio 1 bit on the BBC called “The Chris Moyles Show” that has enjoyed a great level of appreciation by its listeners. The show has been on for 8 years until it was stopped in 2012. Then he has been a host of his show that aired on Channel 4 having an extremely popular show called Quiz Night. For the same amount of years he was a host and presenter of breakfast show. The breakfast show helped him earn the title of the presenter of this show that has enjoyed the post for longest period of time. Chris Moyles net worth started to increase at the peak of his career while being a part of multiple projects and being actively involved in them. Sometime he is described as being extremely controversial and therefore interesting host and presenter, having uttered several homophobic or sexist declarations on air as well as in written publications. Chris Moyles net worth recently has been estimated to have reached $8 million.

chris moyles net worth

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