Scott McNealy Net Worth

Scott McNealy Net Worth

Net Worth: $1 billion

About Scott McNealy

Scott Mcnealy net worth: Scott McNealy, born in 1954, Columbus, Indiana, United States of America, is a well-known entrepreneur and Sun Microsystems co-founder. He is also known as being the chairman of Wayin, which he founded himself as well. Another corporation that he has shared credits of establishing with his colleagues Andy Bechtolsheim and Bill Joy is mainly doing business in the area of computer technologies. Kosla, being the main partner in the latter company, retired in 1984, and Scott McNealy took over his place as the CEO of the company. At this point Scott McNealy net worth started considerably increasing up to the point when after spending 22 years in the position of the CEO he reached incredible heights of becoming a billionaire. In 2006 Scott retired as well, Jonathan Schwartz being his successor in this important position.

Scott McNealy has an impressive line of education, having graduated from the Harvard University he received a BA in economics, later on he gained an MBA from Stanford Graduate School. Before starting the Sun Microsystems, he worked as the manufacturing director for one of the well-known companies in the area of computer technologies, the Onyx Systems, being responsible for the sales of Unix microprocessor-based systems. Scott McNealy net worth is estimated to amount to 1 billion USD.

scott mcnealy net worth

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