Max Azria net worth

Max Azria net worth

Net Worth: $2 billion

About Max Azria

Max Azria net worth: Max Azria, born in 1949, Sfax, Tunisia, is a French designer. The owner and creator of the BCBG fashion label, Max Azria continues to gain world-wide acknowledgement and appreciation. His collections are always highly evaluated and bought by the top celebrities in Hollywood. The fashion world is extremely competitive these days, and despite that, Arzia brand is climbing to the very top of elite’s priority list. At the same time Max Azria manages development of the network and keeps dictating the style and trends. One would not be mistaken to claim that what Max Azria seems to be building is a world-wide network with the highest level of standard.

The opening of the brand was in 1989, when the designer was forty years old. The brand, called BCBG, translated from French “bon chic, bon genre”, is an acronym for “well dressed and with good attitude”. During his outstanding career he has won many awards and was been on the top of appreciation at all times. The first ever collection, that debuted in New York, has won him a Designer of the year award the same year. Afterwards, many more followed basically each year. Max Azria net worth is estimated to be around $1.2 billion.

max azria net worth

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