Bill Gates net worth

Bill Gates net worth

Net Worth: $28 billion

About Bill Gates

Bill Gates net worth: Bill Gates, born in Seattle, Washington, United States of America, aged 58, is probably one person in the world that does not need an actual introduction. Being an incredibly wealthy genius and business magnate he is known all around the globe. Most of his wealth is accumulated because of his computer programming software. He is also known as a wise investor, a devoted philanthropist and many more roles, including an author of several books.

He is also known and gained a lot of popularity as the richest man on earth, the title that he enjoyed from 1995 till 2009. The wealth came hand in hand with establishment and foundation of the largest in the world computer software company called Microsoft, which he created together with his colleague with Paul Allen. In 1975 the enterprise was officially opened with Bill Gates taking the important post of the CEO of the company. This post was held by him till 2008. Together with his highly educated wife Melinda, Bill Gates has established several charities and therefore is known for his philanthropy. While enjoying still honorable place of the second most wealthy person on the planet, he still continues to donate with the total of his charity amounting to $28 billion. Bill Gates net worth is estimated to have amounted at $72 billion.

bill gates net worth

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