Michael Jordan net worth

Michael Jordan net worth

Net Worth: $93 million

About Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan net worth: Michael Jordan, born in 1963, Brooklyn, New York, United States of America, is a world-known sports star and basketball celebrity. Besides being a globally recognized talent in professional sports, he is also an active businessman, one of his major investments is connected to his field of expertize, the Charlotte Bobcats basketball team. In 2010 the Forbes Magazine titled Michael Jordan among the top list of Billionaires to be. The wealth that Michael Jordan accumulated during his professional basketball career has amounted to $93 million. He was faithful to the team that made him famous – the Chicago Bulls. Michael Jordan net worth was boosted by Nike too, due to the endorsements that he gains from this popular sports apparel company. Michael was creative enough in his choices of business partners. The best deal with Nike was to create his name sports shoes – Air Jordan trainers – securing $1 billion unit sales and impressive income both for the brand and for the company. Many mores sources of income come from combined commercial campaigns, including such widely recognized brands as energetic drink for professional sportsmen Gatorade, soft drink Coca-Cola and fast food chain McDonald’s. Michael Jordan net worth has recently been calculated to amount to $650 million.

michael jordan net worth

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