Buster Douglas Net Worth

Buster Douglas Net Worth

Net Worth: $3 million

About Buster Douglas

Buster Douglas net worth: James “Buster” Douglas, born in 1960 (aged 53), Columbus, Ohio, is a retired boxer. Buster Douglas is best known for his achievements as he became the champion of heavyweight boxing. His father, also a professional boxer, known by his nickname “Dynamite” Douglas, has encourage his son to take up boxing. While going to the Linden McKinley School, “Buster” was playing football and took an interest in basketball. After his significant achievements in basketball, playing for several University teams and even entering one University on basketball scholarship, Buster came back to Columbus and decided to pursue the boxing career. At that point he was called the “Dessert Fox” amongst his peers.
The year of 1981 was the year when Buster began his boxing career by winning against Dan O’Malley. In the beginning of 1990 Buster won against at the time undefeated and absolute boxing god – Mike Tyson, which took him ten rounds to do and to gain the heavyweight championship belt. In 1990 the champion’s title went to Evander Holyfield, who did beat Buster in the third round of the fight. That was the point when Buster Douglas net worth started to decrease and popularity bit by bit started to fade away. Buster Douglas net worth is estimated to amount to $3 million.

buster douglas net worth

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