Bob Stoops net worth

Bob Stoops net worth

Net Worth: $12 million

About Bob Stoops

Bob Stoops net worth: Robert Anthony Stoops on September, born in 1960, Youngstown, Ohio, United States of America, he is best known as a coach of a football team of the University of Oklahoma. He has built his reputation as well as earned wealth while coaching the Oklahoma team and leading it to an incredible row of wins. After he has graduated Cardinal Mooney, in 1978 Bob decided to enter the University of Iowa. The devotion and love for football he developed at quite young age, while playing this beloved game with his siblings all of them being coached by their dad.

The success with the Oklahoma Sooners team began with their win at the Orange Bowl, leading the team to the national championship. Beforehand, Bob Stoops changed many universities and teams that he would coach or assist in coaching. Some of them involved positions at the Kansas State University, some universities in Florida. However, Bob Stoops net worth started to grow when he started coaching the football team in the Ohio University. The incredible score of three consecutive successes while winning against Texas, Nebraska and Kansas teams. Bob Stoops net worth is supposed to have reached a substantial sum of $12 million, including his yearly income that amounts to around $3 million.

bob stoops net worth

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